History of Company Wolf/Pircher


Training as manufacturer of organ pipes with organ builder Carl Hofbauer in Göttingen, Germany.

1968 Mr. Wolf emigrates from Germany to Näfels, Switzerland, where he works for thirteen years as supervisor of the tin pipe workshop for the company Mathis Orgelbau AG.
During this time Mr. Wolf educates apprentices and is responsible for their final exams as an expert.
1982 Decision for self-employment and establishment of single-member company Alfred Wolf in 8750 Riedern, Glarus.
1988 Markus Pircher -the current owner- buys into the company. He is also a trained manufacturer of organ pipes.

Conversion of the single-member company into the public limited company Orgelpfeifen Wolf AG. Stake of Markus Pircher -who had been an employee of many years' standing and great experience- in order to maintain this extremely rare services business in Switzerland.

2006 Retirement of Mr. Wolf and takeover of company by Markus Pircher on 1 January 2006.
At the same time, conversion of Orgelpfeifen Alfred Wolf AG into Pircher Orgelpfeifenbau AG.

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